Friday, September 21, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Now that summer is winding down and the weather is changing,  it is time to start up my indoor projects.  I spent a week wondering around my house trying to decide were to start.  I would love to have jumped right in and started a full home remodel, but that was just not in the budget. 

I decided to start small.  My son's room was the first one to be painted when we first moved into that house and it has not been touched since.  He has a love for fun and apparently, cleaning his room was not fun.  I warned him that I was going to be taking before and after pictures to show people how easy it is to update any room with a coat of paint.

Yes, this is his version of clean.  He would say..."What, you can see the wood floor!"

Along with messy, his room was just dated.  He wanted a room that made him feel proud and he needed a designated place for everything.

So after much cleaning (and trips to the dump), I emptied out his room.  I still was unsure of what color his room was going to be so I took him down to The Bella Bungalow to go look at our wall of color. 

I wanted him to pick out his favorite Chalk Paint™  colors for his bed, dresser, and shelves.  We sat at the paint bar for an afternoon (as we often do when trying to pick a color) until he decided on two colors.

He decided he wanted French Linen and Arles with just a clear wax top coat.

I started with the shelves.  I tossed the old broken canvas bins.  I am now going to use this shelf for his shoes and hats.

Both his shelf and dresser were made of laminated particle board.  They are not the best quality furniture, but I knew Chalk Paint™ would do the trick and transform these pieces.

We chose a wall color that was similar to the French Linen and started painting....
 and painting....
and painting...

Finally, we were done!

 It is amazing what a little Chalk Paint™ and a new duvet cover does to a bed!

All of his hats and shoes have a place.  Since they are so easy to find and put away, his room has stayed clean!

His room was getting a little too "grey and yellow" for him so we painted the dresser in Pure White with a French Linen top and Arles knobs.

So with a little paint and a whole lot of patience and love, Spencer's room is now done. 

He is loving his new room!

We would love to help you with a room makeover!  Whether you need a quick color consult or would like us to transform your room for you, come into The Bella Bungalow.  We would love to talk to you!

~Happy Painting from the girls at The Bella Bungalow~