Friday, July 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS (well not really, but got your attention didn't I?)

Hi Ya'all,
Just wanted to give you a reminder that we will be at Rue des Park Lane a french inspired flea market, 123 Park Lane, Downtown Kirkland tomorrow July 9th from 10 am - 7 pm with all of our Annie Sloan paint and waxes.  This is going to be a great event with many FABULOUS vendors (including ourselves of course).  We have all colors and plenty of wax stocked and ready for you all to come ooooh, and ahhhh at the great wonders of this amazing product.  I will be giving demonstrations as well as having all our colors open for you all to "play with", and answering all of your lingering questions.  We will also have our sign up sheets for some great workshops scheduled for July & August.  You do not want to miss out on this, trust me!!!

AND FINALLY.........WE GOT OUR KEY'S TO OUR NEW SHOP YESTERDAY!!!!  Now, I have been known to take on some challenging projects in my life and LOVE to take something that has been lacking in the "pretty" department and turn it into something amazing......but this will be my biggest challenge of my life!!!!  YIKES....after spending most of the day yesterday hyperventalating I am now ready to get to work and turn that baby into the proper home of The Bella Bunglaow, which of course must be AMAZING!!!  We will be posting some before pictures so you can all GASP, shake your head and wonder to yourselves "what in the heck are you thinking?" But just wait, WE CAN DO IT!!!!  We always say that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can go on any surface and I will prove that to be the case, it will be chalked from literaly floor to ceiling.  Our goal is to open the first week of September (used to be August but this baby needs some SERIOUS TLC and I want it to be perfect!!)  My sister (The other Bungalow girl) has been very patient with me and this project will be a true testomony to sisterly love!!!!  All the prayers, positive vibes or anything else anyone does will be greatly appreciated, as we need it!!!!  Ok, to to shipping paint and wax I go.  Hope to see many of you tomorrow and all of you at some point at our new store in September (or sooner if I can pull out my inner super powers)  If you come by to see us before bring a broom and and a strong arm and we will put you to work ;-)  431 Olympic Ave will never look better!!!!