Monday, April 4, 2011

Sample projects are underway!

The Bella Bungalow has been busy...we have started working on a few sample pieces.  We have chosen to refinish a few cabinet doors to show the variety of options a person can have with this amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  With the different color combinations and painting techniques, the possibilities are endless! 

We started with the same three cabinet doors.  As you can see they are very plain, standard doors.

We started with our first coat to each of the doors.

As you can see, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is very forgiving.  

You do not have to spend all of your time trying to make each coat of paint perfect. 

And as you saw, no sanding, priming or other prep work was required.

We were going to go for an "Old World" feel to cabinet #1 using our crackle technique.
It is turning out fabulous!

No "old world" cabinet is complete without a few distress marks.

Cabinet #2 next color applied.  You can see the color combination on the drop cloth.

Cabinet #3 we decided it wanted to be dramatic (kind of like we are, lol).  A dark shade of Graphite is added. 

Our old world cabinet door was starting to shine! 

Almost complete!

Look at the shine on this door, mind you there is NO lacquering required, this is done with our wax.
Viola, the finished product!

"Old World' cabinet door.

"Country Charm" cabinet door.

"Simple Elegance" cabinet door.

Simply amazing!  Three of the same cabinet doors, three totally different looks!  It was simple and fun to do three totally different looks in no time at all.

We will be working on more sample pieces in the weeks to come.  If there is something you would like to see (certain look or color combination) please let us know.  We would love to help you bring some life back to your cabinets, walls or other furniture pieces.

Happy Painting,

The Bella Bungalow Girls